Viewing PDFs In Flex Paper



This BOK throws light on rendering PDFs in browser using FlexPaper. Here I have used Spring 3 framework for creating the web application.
The author assumes that the reader has basic understanding of Spring MVC, J2EE and FlexPaper.

About FlexPaper

FlexPaper is a web-based open source document viewer which is used to view PDF files independent of PDF reader installation in the system. FlexPaper is available in both GPLV3 license and commercial license. Commercial license removes the embedded FlexPaper logo from the viewer. FlexPaper was developed by Devaldi Ltd.
FlexPaper can load very large documents/books with ease. It offers lot of functionalities like Searching, Printing, Zooming, Highlighting Text, Full Screen mode, Select/Copy text, Customizable toolbar etc.,. More Information about FlexPaper can be seen in its website.

Flexpaper document viewer can display only Flash content. Hence to view a PDF in Flexpaper, We need to convert the PDF to a flash file (SWF). This transformation can be done using any external tools. Here we have used PDF2SWF software to achieve this.
I hereby declare that this document is written based on my personal experience while working on FlexPaper during my project. It does not contain any material that violates the copyright or rule of any other person of any organization. If you find any information in this document to be wrong, kindly let me know so that I can correct it with right information.

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